Are You Ready For a Challenge?

Find success in your fitness today!
Find success in your fitness today!

Beginning March 1st I will be hosting a private Facebook challenge group! Want in? Here’s what you do. Send me a message saying I’m in! Let me know your fitness goals- Get healthy? Lose weight? Tone up? With the vast array of workout DVD’s that BeachBody sells we will find the right one that fits your fitness level and goals.

Right now the brand new fitness program 21 Day Extreme is on sale!! (You can do anything for 21 days. You will get the portion containers. Workout video, bonus DVD, a month’s supply of shakeology, and reduced shipping, $2!)

If you are ready to:

  • Commit to 30 days of working out and eating clean (nothing processed)
  • Purchase a workout or shakeology OR a Challenge Pack (Challenge packs are best deal, they come with both a workout and shakeology for a discount)
  • Lose weight and inches
  • Feel good
  • Look good
  • Actively participate in a private FB group
  • Share what you are eating, struggles, and successes
  • Accountability
  • Encouragement to keep going because you are WORTH IT!

Then I want you in my next group!

The reason I require a purchase? Because if you have invested with your money you are more likely to stick with the program and be involved in the group.

The perk of a group setting? I know when I have encouragement and accountability I am going to show up each day because I don’t want to be the ONE person that doesn’t 😉

Send me an email and I will help you decide which program is the best fit for you!

I’m so excited!! Can’t wait to get started (I like to keep my groups small, so I will only have limited slots open, make sure you don’t wait and gets yours today!)




Let’s Talk Hormones

Hormones Hormones. When they go off the tracks your entire body feels derailed. Weight is harder to lose. You are more tired. More susceptible to depression and anxiety, acne, body hair, hair loss etc… However when your hormones are in balance you will feel your best you! You won’t have to depend on willpower alone to lose weight and not overeat. You will naturally be more full and the weight loss struggle won’t be such a struggle.

Here are a few things you can do to get those hormones back in balance:

1. Eat your broccoli and cauliflower and drink green tea. They both help lower the estrogen in your body so that you are more balanced.

2. De-stress! Stress encourages our bodies to store fat. Take a leisurely walk, do some yoga, enjoy a bubble bath

3. Excercise. Try HIIT (high intensity workouts) and weight training. The HIIT is short and intense and will really do wonders for your metabolism and hormones while the weights create muscles that burn fat!

4. Eat Carbs…early. If you eat carbs or sugar eat them early in the day. You want your body to be insulin sensitive, because when insulin levels are high, extra calories are stored as fat. You can help your body be insulin sensitive through weight training, HIIT workouts, leisurely walks, and manipulation of when you eat carbs.

5. Eat more fiber! Fiber and protein keep you full longer, thus no overeating.

6. Sleep. Make sure you are getting your 6-8 hours (or in my case 9 ;)) your body will be less stressed, and you will not be a storage area for fat.

Do you have a question about hormones?

I hope these tips get you on your way to a more balanced body!

If you have any questions, send me an email!



Sometimes You Need To Feel The Pain

Feel The PainI’m a bottler (is that even a word? ha!)

Maybe I should say I’m a stuffer and not of food but of emotions.

I hold things in because I don’t want to cause conflict. And then I reach a point and something happens and it all comes exploding out. Not the healthiest of ways to handle emotions I know.

I also have a high tolerance for physical pain. So when I complain about something hurting, it’s really at a point where something needs to be done.

I’m a soldier what can I say 😉

This was confirmed last year when I had to undergo some muscle nerve testing to check and see if I had MS (once again symptoms that pointed straight to my thyroid) I told the doctor beforehand about my high pain tolerance because he wanted to know when something hurt when he moved his mean little needle around. He caught me off guard when he asked my why? I replied, I don’t know I just do. His next question left me pondering long after I left his office that day, “What have you gone through in your life that has caused you so much pain that you have built up a tolerance?”


My life hasn’t always been easy but not to the point of suffering.

I think I have a high tolerance for pain because I take pain and hold it in. I bottle things up, dwell and keep it to myself. I don’t like others see me hurting. Prideful much?

Today I want to encourage you to NOT be like me.

I want you to feel the pain of whatever is going on in your life. Admit it hurts. Denying it would be a lie. When we admit our feelings we are letting out the pain. It almost acts as a plug and stops us from gaining overall health.

Talk to someone if you need to, there’s no shame. Let those emotions out in a healthy way.

Then maybe, just maybe, you will start seeing some progress in your health and fitness goals as well.

Is there a conversation you need to have with a loved one?



The ONE Thing To Eliminate From Your Diet Now

America's Drug of Choice



We all love it and are addicted to it. In fact it’s been compared with a cocaine addicts addiction.

Yes, it’s that strong!

80% of processed foods on the market have added sugar in them. (JJ Virgin)

Our bodies don’t need it.

Even certain fruit has a crazy amounts of sugar. A banana has 14 gram of carbs and 14 grams of sugar. If you are trying to lose weight or are having trouble balancing your sugar levels, this isn’t the fruit for you. I was putting one in my morning breakfast shake EVERYDAY!

A better option? Berries. Full of antioxidants and low in sugar :).

When we eat sugar, we crave more sugar it’s an endless ride that goes round and round and we can’t get off.

Problems sugar creates:

  • cravings
  • weight gain
  • binge eating
  • heart disease

I did a 3 day detox last month called, Refresh through Beachbody-hated it the entire time, but on day 3 I woke up with no brain fog, felt alert and ready to start the day. I couldn’t believe the difference.

I thought I had been careful with not eating much sugar. But what I didn’t realize-it’s everywhere. I HAVE TO READ THE LABELS. SO DO YOU!

When you come off don’t go cold turkey, ease yourself off like you would with coffee. Otherwise you may feel like death is upon you (Trust me, I know these things).

You will feel better, think clearer, and have more energy-all good benefits of kicking the sugar addiction!

Will I never indulge in a piece of chocolate or sweet treat? NO.  I don’t think that is realistic. But what is realistic is getting rid of as much sugar as possible in my day to day life and only having a “treat”everyone now and again.

Check out this article on Chaleane Johnson’s blog.

What is one way you can cut back on sugar this week? Let me know!

Till next time



How Your Mood Affects Your Health

Studies show that when you have a positive outlook on life your immune system stays strong, your cortisol (stress) levels stay low, and you are better able to adapt to life changes.

“Optimism and positive affirmation work much better as long-term sustainable motivators for behavior change.” Jill Coleman

Staying positive and looking for joy in hard circumstances is a daily choice we make. (<==Click To Tweet)

Those that look on the bright side of life are able to find the silver lining in trials, have healthier immune systems, and weigh less.

I discovered this first hand after dealing with severe depression last year. All the weight I had lost from doing a BeachBody challenge group I put back on. I lost my hope and joy. With the help of doctors, praying friends, and looong walks I was able to get out of that funk. Thank goodness!

Here are a few ideas to help you get on the right track to reclaiming your joy today:

  • Listen to music
  • Get a massage
  • Journal. Ann Voskamp has a book out called, “One Thousand Gifts,” in which each day for a year she wrote down everything she was grateful for. From the smallest of things like soap bubbles when washing dishes to protection over one of her children is a farming incident. People have followed her example and swear keeping a gratitude journal has helped them through the darkest days of their lives.
  • Exercise– I love long walks, yoga, and of course piyo!
  • Eat right-Eat lots of good fats (grass-fed butter, avocados) and non starchy carbs (sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower)

Do you have any ideas?

Let me know! Reply back to this email and tell me what you have done to put yourself in a better state of mind.

Let’s reclaim our joy today!

Till next time!






Welcome To My New Site!!

Hey There!

I’m glad you are here. I wanted to start a new website because I wasn’t sure how to integrate my new passion of health and fitness with my other blog,

Writing will always be a passion of mine, so when I felt God nudging me in this direction it kinda took me by surprise. And to be honest I dragged my feet a lot. I felt unqualified, still do. I’m still on the journey to healing and health. I still have weight I want to lose. But guess what? That’s ok. Fitness is going to be a journey.

It’s not crash dieting until you are at a magical number. No, it’s so much more than that.

I’ve had to take a good hard look at my overall health. It’s more than my pant size, more than the number on the scale. I’ve had to learn to accept and love myself despite what the numbers say, despite developing acne, despite being tired all the time and wishing God would say the words and I would feel the way I did when I was in my 20’s.

He didn’t. Instead He has walked me on this journey the last 5 years of going doctor to doctor with no help or hope,but with prescriptions for anxiety meds, anti-depressants, and a “it’s in your head” (great words of encouragement there!).

I learned I have to be pro-active, to my own research, be my own health advocate, and that it’s ok to disagree with a doctor and refuse their method of treatment. I’ve done hours upon hours of research and am currently undergoing classes to get my certification in sport’s nutrition. I would like to one day get my degree in Integrative Health, to help others get to the root cause of their illness and not just cover it up with medications and not just live in survival mode.

We are made to THRIVE not survive!

The last 6 months I have felt better than I have since I turned 30 and my body started to turn against me. The weight is slowly coming off, my face is clearing up, my gut feels good, and my energy is up!

It’s been a combination of multiple things and being at peace and in agreement with God to start doing things His way. No more short-cuts.

And I want  you to feel this way too!!

That’s why I have partnered with BeachBody, because, well, I love it. After participating in 2 challenge groups and learning the right foods to eat, it was/is just what I need. Plus, I love their company, philosophy, workouts, Shakeology, and supplements.

I’ve also learned that I need accountability. Maybe you do too? We just work better together. It’s been proven that when you work with an accountability group or partner your success rate doubles.

*I will hopefully have some resources for you up soon that I have found helpful.

Until next time